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We're all going on a summer holiday

You bastard Vyvian!

Rik, Vyvian, Neil and Mike
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You're here because you're a fan of 'The Young Ones' right? The feel free to join, and post anything you wish (quotes, pictures, screencaps, news, opinions etc).

Vyvyan: "Shut up, or I'll tell everyone in this room that you've got an iron-on cartoon worm on the front of your Y-fronts that says 'Girl Bait'."
Rick: "Oh, so you've been going through my Y-fronts, have you, Vyvyan?! I suppose you fancy me, is that it?!"
Vyvyan: "Yes! As a matter of fact, I do, Rick! I really really fancy you. And I want to give you a big girlie kiss on the bottom!"
Rick: "Ugh, Mike, Vyvyan's gone all funny! He said he wants to kiss my bottom!"
Vyvyan: "Did I say kiss you on the bottom? Oh, beg your pardon. I meant to say, STICK A PICK AXE THROUGH YOUR SPINAL COLUMN!"
-The Young Ones - Summer Holiday

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